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Cocoon Project explores the material, transformative and therapeutic possibilities of artmaking. With a contemplative and process-driven approachthe artist has hand-stitched and reshaped pieces of pre-loved linen into a sculpture resembling a protective cocoon 1800mm in height. The creative process of alteration, restoration and stitching relates to a sense of atonement, whereby the handstitched marks autobiographically reflect the process of transformation. The pre-existing history of the old fabrics she sees as carriers of knowledge and their potential to convey a story of fragility, self-growth and renewal. A video projection runs through the work onto the floor, this projection of movement and light relates to the ecological process of the caterpillar to the butterfly.






Cocoon NIght Cocoon detail
Tiny House
Tiny House Detail


Fear Series relates to the artist visual interpretation of her own fear and the knowledge that on the other side of fear is everything you ever wanted.
4 Videos have been installed Inside the Tiny House, these videos represent beauty in nature. The videos started one after the other and could be viewed through a selected keyhole in the front panel. The audio indicated the  beginning of each video

Tiny House Hillend
Fear of language Fear of others
Fear of Failure

Additional works in the Fear series are soft sculptures,a visual representation of Tripodi's fear . The materiality was very important to this work, choosing a selection of leathers and knitted pieces roughly stitched together. Each sculpture has an opening that houses a small image encased in a illuminated magnifying glass dome, the image representing the beauty that fear alienates us from.

Nature of things 1

All the Beautiful things
3 life size dresses created by stitching together used teabags with teabag strings.
The dresses are a metaphor for the beauty of age.
Tripodi is drawn to materials that have been castoff, rejected and survived, she sees the beauty in the once treasured pieces and works towards reshaping them into new beautiful works.


Nature of things 2 Nature of things 3
when we were young
When we were young Whe we were young

The Childhood series below comprises of leather and linen dolls.
This series related to the juxtaposition of fairy tales and the reality of life.